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Old Students Association (OSA) of Janadipathi Vidyalaya Matara, it is the association established under government circular 1961 #27 where it’s officially responsible to represent the Old students of the school. In 2009, under the guidance of Mr. D. Sudusinghe who was the Principal of the school, taken action to establish the OSA of President College Matara.

By default the Principal of Janadipathi Vidyalaya is the Hon. President and vice president, Secretary, Assistant Secretary & Treasurer is elected each year at the annual general meeting. Accordingly, first Hon. Vice President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasure & Auditor was Mr. PB Premarathne, Mrs. WA Eranga Sanjeewani, Mr. AWP Ravindra & Mr. AG Mahesh respectively.

OSA is primarily responsible in coordination of requirements by the school in terms of financial as well as conducting various programs to uplift the quality of education, sports as well as personality development of the students at President College. It’s also conducts various activities to ensure the unity and wellbeing of the old students. OSA is the only authorized body representing old students at the grade 1 school admission interviews.

OFFICE BEARERS (2021-2023)
• Hon. President - Mr. U.G. Munasinghe (Principal)
• Hon. Vice President - Mr. A. Jayalath
• Hon. Secretary - Mr. K.T. Mindika
• Hon. Treasurer - Mr. T. Gunawardena

* Mr. Ravindra Abeydeera (2009)
* Mr. Prasanna Kodippili
* Mr. Dushan Viduranga (2017-2019)

Mr. U.G Munasinghe

Mr. U.G Munasinghe

As the President of the Old Students Association of Janadipathi Vidyalaya Matara, I feel honoured and privileged to write this message at the launch of the new website. This new website is specifically designed to disseminate information about our activities to old students worldwide. Its structure has user-friendly menus to readily access the various historical and cultural activities of Janadipathi Vidyalaya including the latest news on Old Students Association.

As part of our development strategies for school, we aim to implement multidisciplinary projects to enhance the quality of our school’s educational, sports and extracurricular activities.

I wish to thank Mr Kasun Helika, Mr. Dushan Viduranga, Mrs. Rumesh Manage, Mr. Aravinda Kodikara & Mrs. H. Nilushika and old boys & girls whose untiring efforts to start this website has paid rich dividends today.

UG Munasinghe
President (Principal)
Old Students Association

Mr. Ananda Jayalath

Mr. Ananda Jayalath

I am very happy about being able to send congratulatory message as the Vice President of the OSA in view of the launching ceremony of new school web site which was created by Old Students Association.

In comparison to the other high schools in Matara city, we have minimum amount of physical resources. However, we are proud to be that we have the valuable student resource who achieving their goals through the discipline-based education and extracurricular activities with available resources.

I believe that this website will help the school children and the Old students around the world to get the information and share it.

Further I offer my gratitude to all the persons who supported for this task successfully.

Ananda Jayalath
Vice President
Old Students Association

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Committee of the Old Students’ Association

Hon. Secretary - Mr. KT Mindika

Hon. Secretary - Mr. KT Mindika

Hon. Treasurer  Mr.T.Gunawardhana

Hon. Treasurer Mr.T.Gunawardhana

Projects & Events of the Old Students’ Association

The walk “Dwi-Shathaka Abiman” 2018

The walk “Dwi-Shathaka Abiman” 2018 organized by the Old Students Association of the Janadipathi Vidyalaya,…

OSA provides a set of question papers to Grade 5 students

Every year, The Old Students Association of the School provides a set of question papers to students…

Year 5 scholarship will receive a gift pack worth Rs. 5000 from OSA

Every year, all the children who passed the Year 5 scholarship will receive a gift pack worth Rs. 5000…

Old Students' Friendly Cricket Tournament 2018

It has been scheduled to conduct a friendly Cricket tournament of old students on 24th & 25th November…

OSA Freindly Cricket Tournament

The soft ball cricket tournament organized by the OSA was held at the Mahinda Wijesekara ground, Matara…

Membership Grant Procedures

1. Any past pupil who studied at Matara Janadipathi Vidyalaya , with a valid school leaving certificate is eligible to be a member of this Association.
2. Type of the membership is ‘Lifetime’
3. The registration fee is LK. 200 and annual membership fee of LK 1000 should be paid to the Association when initial registration.
4. To obtaining the membership, a duly completed application form and the School leaving certificate should be submitted to the undermentioned address or email along with a photo of the applicant please.

The Secretary,
Old Students Association
Janadipathi Vidyalaya
Fort, Matara.

Email : janadipathivm@gmail.com