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Introduction of School

Matara Janadhipathi Vidyalaya is a government school situated in historic Portuguese Fortress in the center of the Matara town. On 07 August 1814, the Wesleyan Missionary priest Rev. George Erskine founded the school as Matara Methodist School. And it is also the second oldest school in Sri Lanka. At that time, it had the opportunity to learn English language for senior native families. As per the historical records, 40-50 children had been educated in the early days. It presently consists of well over 2000 student population catering the needs of children studying from primary level to secondary level education by a well experienced and qualified teachers at present.

Our Vision

To contribute to the universe a noble, and an educated person.

Our Mission

Commit all energies to create a productive child with creative thinking and a balanced personality who will see tomorrow’s world today.

Objectives of the School

To provide equal opportunities to all students.
To develop an awareness of self and self-confidence
To develop self-discipline
To develop each individual to his/her potential through offering a wide range of high quality experiences.
To develop social awareness, group responsibility and empathy through the social context of learning.
To develop a partnership between home and school
To identify the abilities of children by sporting and extra-curricular activities in parallel with education and provide support they need.
To develop children’s imagination and creativity by offering a wide range of experiences.
To provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum for all children in keeping with the requirements of the Education Reform Order.

School Anthem

Vidunena Guna Mini Kirana bedagena
Dina Dina Didulana Lowa Dakinem
Sitha Matha Bethimal Pokuru Nelagena
Janapathi Vidu maw paada wadim

Helasuru Helawiru Hela wikuman Saru
Daruwan Dinu Matara Piyase....
Yali Yali nena heli peheli karannata
Apata Waram denu mena nolase

Vidu nena….. 

Vidukiri Sisilen sitha sathapagena
Udu guna saru daruwan wilase....
Mathu mathu guna mini muthu amunannata
Apata waram denu mena nolase

Vidu nena…..

Lyrics/Music: Mr. H.G Bandulasiri
Matara Janadhipathi Vidyalaya